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Aurora Alert

Developer: r3app, inc
2 usd

Aurora Alert is an app designed to alert you when you have the best chance of seeing the aurora borealis in your area (aurora australis in the southern hemisphere.). It is designed to work "right out of the box", without any configuration needed from the user. This design makes Aurora Alert an ideal app for all users. Novice users benefit from the automated nature of the app, while intermediate to advanced users can enjoy an abundance of data at their fingertips.Features:- Automatically alerts when auroral activity is high enough- Current auroral activity based on Kp and history graphs- Auroral oval map customized for all locations- NOAA Kp predictions within the next few hours- 3-day aurora forecast- Solar wind and IMF data- Configure when you can be alerted based on sky darkness- Filter out alerts based on current cloud cover- Several local K-indices available for the most up-to-date activity- Moon phase calendar included
When first launching Aurora Alert, it will find your location from GPS or cell networks, and then configure your settings based on the results. Users can then adjust any settings, if they wish. Aurora Alert will then update in the background, as often as you wish, and will alert you to possible aurora sightings when the conditions are favorable. You’ll never miss a chance to see the northern lights again!
Aurora Alert is configured to run as efficiently as possible. Automatic updates will download only 5KB of compressed data per update, which spares users of downloading needless data against their limits. It also runs only when it needs to, and no more, which helps save battery life and frees up for RAM for other apps. Note that since Aurora Alert needs to update in the background, certain task killer apps can prevent it from updating. So if you run any task killers, Aurora Alert will need to be on the ignore list in order to keep updating.
For more screenshots, see the website link below. Your feedback would be appreciated.